Alive and Kicking
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UPDATE: Thank you for a wonderful show! Not only did we have lots of fun with all of you, we also reached our goal during the show! Thank you so much! Now go on to support the participating projects! See the program for details.

To join our chat and get into direct contact with the teams, watch us directly on JustinTV here.

On February 24th we’ll be hosting an eight-hour live-show featuring some of the coolest currently running gaming projects on Kickstarter. A link to the stream will get posted here on sunday.

We, that is Bumblebee, the team behind “Days of Dawn”, one of those games, whose campaign will end this sunday. So while we count our time on kickstarter down, we’ll chat with our colleagues about their games, their campaign and team and about kickstarter in general.

Expect in-depth interviews, stunning games and exciting behind-the-scenes views at the teams creating those games.

A complete listing of all participating game projects and the show program can be found here.

The show will be running from

CET (Europe)  Spacer PST (California)  Spacer EST (New York)
4:00PM – 11:59PM 7:00AM – 3:00PM 10:00AM – 6:00PM